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Allthingsweezer.com - Nine Covers

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Allthingsweezer.com - Nine Covers
Allthingsweezer.com - Nine Covers cover
Tribute album by allthingsweezer.com
Released June 27, 2013
Format digital
Genre Alternative rock
Length 29:58
allthingsweezer.com chronology
Allthingsweezer Boardie Tribute Album IV
Allthingsweezer .com - Nine Covers
Allthingsweezer Post-Red Tribute

Allthingsweezer.com - Nine Covers is a tribute album released in 2013 by members of the AllThingsWeezer forums.


The album is one of at least eight releases organized over AllThingsWeezer, some under the name Albumsix. This release was described at the time of its release as Volume 4½ in this series[citation needed].

The album's cover art and name are a reference to Six Hits, a 6-song Weezer compilation released four months after Weezer (The Red Album) in 2008.


No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Mansion of Cardboard"  Jonas5000 3:00
2. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  Outpost Zeta X 1:41
3. "Love Explosion"  lazrpo1nt3r 3:57
4. "The End of My String"  Brain Seltzer 2:34
5. "Teenage Victory Song"  maltjik 4:00
6. "Brightening Day"  Running Monk 3:41
7. "I Can Love"  asilentq 3:55
8. "Island in the Sun"  blasman 3:43
9. "I Admire All My Insect Friends So Much (I Admire You So Much/All My Friends Are Insects mashup)"  noobcakesmcgee 3:18

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