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AM Radio

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AM Radio
AM Radio real.jpg
Background information
Origin Burbank, CA
Years active 2001 - present
Label(s) Elektra Records (formerly)
Polydor (formerly, Japan only)
Universal Distribution (formerly)
Website Band Twitter
Current Members
Kevin Ridel
Jason Moore
Former Members
Rivers Cuomo (manager)
Rowan Robertson (Guitar)
Joe Higgins (Drums)
Francesca Po (Keyboards, Synthesizer, Accordion)
Dan Flutur (Guitar)
Juan Ramirez (Drums)

AM Radio is an American rock band fronted by singer Kevin Ridel, a longtime personal friend and former bandmate of Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo. The band has released three studio albums and is currently working on an EP.


Beginnings, "Radioactive"

AM Radio began in 2001, when they recorded a debut album that they couldn't find the support to release. After Ridel unsuccessfully pursued a project entitled Peel, it was Cuomo who helped AM Radio get off the ground in late 2001. Cuomo was enlisted as AM Radio's manager, and in 2002, the band toured with Weezer on the Dusty West Tour, Japan World Cup Tour, and the Enlightenment Tour. In 2003, "Radioactive" was released on Elektra Records, supported by singles "Taken for a Ride" and "I Just Wanna Be Loved." "I Just Wanna Be Loved" was featured on Smallville, a hit TV series on The WB and released on the show's soundtrack. Also in 2003, "Taken for a Ride" was featured on the videogame soundtrack for EA Sports’ Madden NFL 2004. The band received more support from The WB when "Taken for a Ride" was featured on an episode of One Tree Hill. The song also appeared on a television trailer for the FOX feature film The Girl Next Door that same year.

Move to Japan, "Reactive"

Later in the decade, AM Radio redirected its musical efforts overseas and pursued a record label with Polydor Records in Japan. "Reactive" was released in 2007. Ridel signed with Sony Publishing Japan and pursued other Japanese side projects as well.

Return to LA, "BBBB"

After a string of small club tours in Los Angeles and a handful of band rehearsals, Ridel and current AM Radio member Jason Moore began a project entitled "Jason Feat Kevin," commonly referred to by the band as "JFK." The duo then restarted AM Radio in mid 2008 and pursued both groups. In December of that same year, it was announced that AM Radio would record a new album. About a year later, in November, "Bigger Better Bolder Brighter" ("BBBB") was released without the help of a record label. Ridel has stated ""Bigger Better Bolder Brighter" is ironic in that we are recording the entire album on our home computers, as opposed to using an expensive studio with a big budget producer."

The band is currently working on a new EP.


Studio albums

Year Title Label
2003 Radioactive Elektra
2007 Reactive Polydor Japan
2009 Bigger Better Bolder Brighter Self-released
2013 Shine Self-released


Year Title Label
2002 New Wave Self-released


Year Title Label
2003 "Taken for a Ride" Elektra
2012 "Bad Luck" Self-released

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