Beetbox 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Beetbox 2: Electric Boogaloo
Beetbox 2: Electric Boogaloo cover
Compilation album by various artists
Released July 28, 2005
Format CD-R
Label Lap Records

Beetbox 2: Electric Boogaloo is a compilation CD-R released by Lap Records in 2005. It includes the songs "If You Listen" by Karlophone and "The Lesson" by Southern Fried Swing.


The compilation was printed as a limited quantity of 200 CD-Rs in paper sleeves, and given out for free at a Planet Beet show on July 28, 2005. Its background is described on the Lap Records website:

"Further to what I said below in the last update, I've added a listing on the "shop" page for our "Beetbox 2 - Electric Boogaloo" compilation CD. It was a 27 track CD compilation that we made happen in 2 days, including compiling all the tracks, mastering them, copying 200 CDs, designing the sleeve, getting it printed etc.. We then gave it away FREE at (what at the time we believed would be) the LAST EVER PLANET BEET gig, which took place on Thursday 28th July 2005 at Pot Black in Bury St Edmunds [...] On the CD there were 27 tracks, including some funny hoax phonecalls by my friend Dave Richards (who sadly took his own life in 2004). There were also a bunch of songs recorded "live" at Planet Beet gigs, and I've put up MP3s of all of those on the "shop" page, so go and grab them if you don't already have them."[1]

The 8th track is "If You Listen" by Karlophone, the musical project of Karl Koch, featuring Pat Wilson on guitar. The song was originally included as a b-side on the 7-inch single for "Desire" in 2004. The 16th track is "The Lesson" by Southern Fried Swing, a project of Koch, Wilson, and Pat Finn, and was originally released on the group's debut album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound in 2003. Notably, as of 2024, this is the only Southern Fried Swing song to be featured on an official physical release outside of the album.

The compilation's inclusion of the two Weezer-adjacent acts is specifically mentioned on the Lap Records site prior to the release of the CD-R:

"We've started compiling the 2nd in our Beetbox CD Compilation Series. It features a bunch of Jason's fave bands/acts that have played Planet Beet (since Beetbox Vol.1), and a bunch of special guests, including [...] 2 projects that are offshoots of Jason's fave band, WEEZER!!!"[1]

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Hooray for Snakes" (live @ planet beet)Charlie Brown  
2. "Dreaming of Injured Popstars" (live @ planet beet)Chris t.t  
3. "Like a Zombie" (part 1)Dave Richards  
4. "The Lights of the Disco"  Cosy Cosy  
5. "Vivan Los Angeles" (live @ planet beet)Havana Guns  
6. "Corner Song" (live @ planet beet)Jen & Jon Fuse  
7. "Like a Zombie" (part 2)Dave Richards  
8. "If You Listen"  Karlophone  
9. "9 to 5" (live @ planet beet)Koopa  
10. "Roses Are Red" (live @ planet beet)Livvy Howes  
11. "Mary Whimsey Hogwash" (part 1)Dave Richards  
12. "Decadence"  Montevideo  
13. "I Worry So That You Don't Have To"  Mr Jason  
14. "Mary Whimsey Hogwash" (part 2)Dave Richards  
15. "All Over Town"  Polariss  
16. "The Lesson"  Southern Fried Swing  
17. "You Make Me Wanna"  The Covert Stylist  
18. "Mary Whimsey Hogwash" (part 3)Dave Richards  
19. "1969"  The Illuminati  
20. "If Wishes Were Horses"  The Morning People  
21. "Smite My Face"  The Scaramanga Six  
22. "Mary Whimsey Hogwash" (part 4)Dave Richards  
23. "Lying to Protect You"  The Secret Hairdresser  
24. "Cruel Little Rock and Roller"  The Waxing Captors  
25. "Rocket Man" (live @ planet beet)Trev Hurley (featuring Chris tt on backing vocals)  
26. "Mary Whimsey Hogwash" (part 5)Dave Richards  
27. "Black and White" (live @ planet beet)Volunteers  


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