Cherry Berry

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"Cherry Berry"
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Recorded 1998
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status Unreleased

"Cherry Berry" is a Rivers Cuomo demo recorded in 1998 as part of the TKX demos. As part of the TK series of demos, Cherry Berry received "TKX-15" as its numerical label.


Weezer worked on the song during full-band sessions in the summer of 1998, but a mixed-down demo does not exist. Cherry Berry was seemingly left behind with the rest of the 1998 songs when Weezer returned from hiatus in early 2000. However, Cherry Berry was considered for inclusion on The Green Album during pre-production.

According to Karl Koch, "[Cherry Berry's return was] Pat and Mikey saying "that song ruled why did we forget about it"? It's a rocker, I don't disagree it deserved fresh attention." The song did not make the cut for the Green Album.

Rivers' demo of the song was not included with the release of Alone VI. According to Rivers, he could not find a copy of the recording. When asked during a June 16, 2021 discussion in Riverchat if he could play the song during a hypothetical solo acoustic show, Rivers said "I could do that but it would be acoustic. Actually you've never heard the song so you don't know how strange that seems."

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