Endless Bummer

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"Endless Bummer"
Endless Bummer cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Weezer (The White Album)
Released April 1, 2016
Recorded 2015
Length 4:14
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo/Brian Bell/Luther Russell
Producer(s) Jake Sinclair
Status Officially released
Stream Play on spotify.png Spotify
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Weezer (The White Album) track listing
"Jacked Up"
"Endless Bummer"
The White Album (Deluxe) track listing
"Jacked Up"
"Endless Bummer"
"I Love the USA"
Weezer (The White Album) (Japanese) track listing
"Jacked Up"
"Endless Bummer"
"Prom Night"

"Endless Bummer" is the tenth track from The White Album.


At the beginning of the song, Rivers counts off "1, 2" at a low volume. The song (and the album) ends with the same beach noises that opened the album in "California Kids."

On the lyrics sheet for The White Album, a line in the second verse is listed as "dreaming about my wife," but many fans hear "life" rather than "wife." When asked on the fan club facebook page which one was the correct lyric, Rivers said "What's the difference?"

Endless Bummer was cowritten with bandmate Brian Bell.

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I just want the summer to end
What's the point in trying to pretend?
She told me to follow the rules
Not all 19-year-olds are cool

I'm all alone at night
Dreaming about my life
She was too fast for me
I count my steps because I'm O.C.D.

No life from Paloma to Rose
Sometimes I feel like I'm a ghost
Changing into street clothes in her tent
I just want the summer to end

My heart is so landlocked
Nothing but tourist shops
It's just like a curse you see
This bummed out feeling that she's over me
She's over me

I put my jacket over my head
I'm trying not to stare at her chest
I can't even dance in the dark
Cuz my headphones are still on the seat of her car

Kumbaya makes me get violent
I just want the summer to end

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