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Goodbye, Sweetheart

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"Goodbye, Sweetheart"
Goodbye, Sweetheart cover
Album track by Karlophone
Album Press Any Key to Begin
Released 2002
Length 4:40
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Karl Koch
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Status Released
Press Any Key to Begin track listing
"Goodbye, Sweetheart"
"Computer Rock"

"Goodbye, Sweetheart" is the second track off Karlophone's debut album, Press Any Key to Begin.


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Samples used

Location in song Source Author Album Year Link
The lyrics "I'm gonna kill your boyfriend, sweetheart"a and "He's out of his head"b "Love's Lovely Counterfeit" (radio drama) Suspense 1945 link; 19:24a, 14:16b
The lyric "It's hard to say goodbye" "It's Hard to Say Goodbye" (song) Claudine Longet Love is Blue 1968 link; 1:23
The looped clip containing the lyrics "Two big things like basketballs / Down below is like Niagra Falls" "Get Down" (song) Derek B Bullet from a Gun 1988 link; 2:12

For a full list of known samples from Karlophone songs, see List of Karlophone samples.

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