Historic event: 12/02/1991

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Rivers's stint in The Truth

from Karl's 1991 Journal: "Meet Kevin the Christian Rocker". Kevin Ridel had been in 2 bands with Rivers several years back, Avant Garde and Zoom [basically same band different name]. After Zoom broke up, Rivers started his own journey towards actually writing songs as opposed to only shredding very very well on guitar. Rivers formed "Fuzz" in early 1991 with Pat Wilson on drums, and a girl named "Scottie" on bass. Fuzz didnt continue past the summer of '91, and by then he joined the "60 Wrong Sausages", the somewhat groovy, somewhat heavy, somewhat odd band that Pat Wilson, Patrick Finn, and Jason Cropper had formed.

Meanwhile Kevin had gone back home to Connecticut and returned, reborn in a Christian Rock outfit called The Truth. Kevin had a drummer [Jeffrey Urboch, who had played with "Zoom" for a little while near the end], and a trio of backing singers, but needed a bass player and a guitarist. Rivers and Patrick Finn volunteered, having heard the Truth demos and knowing they were great songs. They practiced several times and played [as I recall] one show later in the month, at The Whiskey in L.A.. As the exact show date is unknown, the show will be documented here.

The photos show Kevin on lead vocals, Rivers on bass [in a Russian style hat], Patrick Finn on guitar, a random dude on drums, and the backup singers. The show was awesome!

Truth songs played that night included "My Salvation", "With You In Heaven", and "I Belong To God".

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The Truth only lasted a few months. Kevin Ridel would return back east for a few years before returning again in '94 to lead non-Christian bands Lunch Box, then Ridel High, and finally AM Radio.

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