Karl's Corner - 07/23/2001

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7/23/01 Island premeire

...well, we're all in NYC. I ate dinner with the Wilsons and they are well. And I have learned a bit more about Tuesday's (tomorrow, 7/24) activities. Yes there is something "secret" going on that I can't announce! I can tell you that the guys are gathering mid-day to film something that (I beleive) will be shown (re-played) later in the afternoon, during MTV's TRL. TRL (as I learned, thanks folks) is on at 3:30 PM EST, and somewhere during it they will debut the "Island" video. And right about then they will show whatever it is that was filmed earlier in the day with the band, and THAT will contain the "secret" news about whats happening later on that day! So....no matter where you live, tune into TRL if you want to see the "Island" video. And if you are in the NYC area, pay particular attention to what is revealed at that point, on the air...and the info you seek shall be yours!

...and let me say that although i really DON'T know how its going to work, I can *speculate* that by actually being there at the MTV studios when the news breaks, you will likely have a better chance of participating. I *could* be wrong here, but this is just what my gut is telling me here...(i am being honest- i DON'T know how the deal is going down! not my department.)

...sorry its so cryptic, but thats how its gotta be, folks!

...also, here is a new article about the video on Mtv.com.

...those special weezer ladies underwear will be back up shortly, they willl be featured in a different section of weezer.com. Sorry about the confusion