Karl's Corner - 09/18/2001

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9/18/01 Denver: full steam ahead

"I just wanted to let you know some about how great the show in Denver last
night was. =w= gave an awesome performance. This is the 5th time i've seen them
and was by far the best onstage performance they have given. That was the most
Rivers has talked to the crowd that I know of and we were loving it. Also Pat
seemed to have a lot of energy and was rocking out all night long. Brian was
his usually self and rocked out nicely. Scott seemed fine and played nicely. I
was impressed on his singing ability especially on Surf Wax when he has to
carry the melody for awhile. Everyone had lots of energy and were rocking all
night. The crowd was really excited and were not disappointed. I especially
liked how rivers changed some of the guitar solos on Don't Let Go, Knock Down
Drag Out and Glorious Day. Those new solos were awesome. Overall the show was
amazing. Just wanted to tell you that =w= still keeps on rocking."-josh