Karl's Corner - 09/21/2001

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9/21/01 Big Time in Chi-town!

...ok, the United Center is BIG. The Chicago Blackhawks play there. The Chicago Bulls play there. A whole hell of a lot of people can fit in this place. This may have been the biggest congregation of weezer fans ever in one place, as around 13,000 people came out to see the show! I, for one, was very impressed.

...not all good news today, however: I wasn't there to witness what exactly went down, but during tonight's Cold set, something happened that caused Cold to leave the stage early. Shortly thereafter backstage, the lead singer announced that they had just quit the tour! No one beleived it at first, but sure enough, Cold packed up and went their own way after the show was over. I don't know what exactly happened, but I do know that the singer was not responding well to heckling from some weezer fans over the last few shows, and apparently this happened again tonight. I've never really seen anything like this before, and it's a bummer, as I felt like everyone in the bands and crew was just getting to know each other, and were getting along well...plus its no fun for a tour to lose a band like that, but if thats their decision, we have to respect it...


many have wriiten in with their stories of what happened, heres one fans p.o.v...
"Hey i went to the Chicago show. And what happened with Cold was, about half-way through their set, people on the floor were flipping them the bird and yelling "you suck". Then they played another song, the :::singer started flipping us off. Then he said, "I'm right here." to the crowd. After the song, he dropped the mic and walked off flipping us off. Then the rest of the band followed suit. Unfortunately, Cold got :::a lot more sh** than they deserved."

psst - dan from =rwa= news here. k's choice is confirmed to open a few more europe dates. we've also got a link to a picture in the tour section of all the merchandise for sale on the most recent tour. enjoy.