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Article marked: March 2021

Khemikalsludj cover
song by Skuraiipeare
Writer(s) Pat Finn and Karl Koch
Status unreleased

"Khemikalsludj" is an unreleased demo by the fictional band Skuraiipeare.


"Khemikalsludj" is the supposed name of one of the demos created by Karl Koch and Pat Finn's fictional pre-Weezer duo, Skuraiipeare. The name was revealed on an AllThingsWeezer post by Koch on August 5, 2014, in which he states:

curtains said: @karlophone Do you still have the Skkraiuiperuer demos?

of course.

"of course i know him. he's me."

song titles i can recall offhand:


Runn Ur Hend Thru Mi Furrest

oh, and it was supposed to be a movie, fake documentary style. its far too complex to summarize in a few sentences. sort of a musical Borat only they're from the arctic circle and supposedly influenced everyone from Bowie, 70's Mick, the entire disco movement, as well as metal and house/EDM. Presented like the great lost band, what happened to them, etc.

It remains unknown whether or not this demo was ever completed, and if it was planned to be on the duo's unreleased album from Amorphous Records, Snow Lust.


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