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Kiss Me in Seattle

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"Kiss Me In Seattle" was a fictitious song title rumored, in February of 2020, to be the title of an upcoming single from Weezer's 2020 album Van Weezer. In fact, the song was a hoax perpetrated by members of the All Things Weezer fan community.


The supposed album art for the song

On February 11, 2020, All Things Weezer user Ben Hogan created a thread asking for clarification regarding whether or not a song titled "Kiss Me In Seattle" was the title of an upcoming Weezer single from Van Weezer. Other members of the community, recognizing the facetious intent of Hogan's post, began jokingly confirming the song's existence and its various (often contradictory) aspects. On February 16, a "leaked" clip of the supposed song (actually a low-quality fan-recording with crowd chatter imposed over it) was posted in the same forum thread. Rumors of the song soon spread to the Facebook Fan Club group as well as the r/weezer community, with some fans attempting re-creations of the song based on the clip. A few days later, Van Weezer producer Suzy Shinn recorded a clip featuring an unknown song and posted it as a story on her Instagram account. This clip then spread across the Weezer internet community, with some speculating that the music was an upcoming Weezer track with some claiming that it was, in fact, "Kiss Me in Seattle." The song, according to some rumors, was planned to premiere on KROQ on February 27th, before seeing a full release the following day. When one user on the Facebook group brought up the song, Karl Koch responded saying simply "No such song title".

On February 28, All Things Weezer member MyNameIsLuke confirmed to members of the community that he had, in fact, co-orchestrated the aforementioned "leak" by writing and recording an actual song titled "Kiss Me in Seattle". He subsequently released the track on Bandcamp and Spotify under his musical outfit Luke and the Swells.[1]

On March 3, 2020 Karl Koch posted in the official Weezer Fan Club Facebook group clarifying to fans that "Kiss Me in Seattle", as a Weezer song, does not exist:

hey folks - I just wanted to try and clear the air a bit about that "Kiss Me In Seattle" thing. There is a lot of very inaccurate info going around. Here are the facts as I understand them.

1) There is a snippet of guitar playing that was posted online.

2) that posting was not done by Suzi (the bands engineer/producer). Whatever relationship she might have with that recording, she is a professional and does not leak anything she is working on. Her reputation would crumble and she would not be trusted with any band's projects if that wasn't so.

3) the guitar bit is in fact a fragment of a weezer recording, however:

4) whatever song it may be a part of is NOT called "Kiss Me In Seattle"

5) There is NO SUCH SONG by weezer called "Kiss Me in Seattle."

6) That fragment may or may not ever be released and the song it is connected with may or may not ever be released.

7) in any event, said possible song is not "the new single".

8) We do not yet know when there will be a new single from Van Weezer. Or what it is called. When this changes, we will share anything we know that is available to be shared.

Hope this helps!
- Karl Koch, Facebook post

Luke and the Swells song

"Kiss Me In Seattle"
Kiss Me In Seattle cover
Single by Luke and the Swells
Released March 2, 2020
Recorded 2020
Length 3:26
Writer(s) Luke Schreiber, Brandon Dean, Dylan Lynch (lyrics) Benjamin Hogan (title)
Stream Play on spotify.png Spotify


You think you’re wrong
You think way too long
You think that you’re
better off on your own

Do your dishes
Wish your wishes
I wish I could
see you now through the phone, please don’t
Leave me here all on my own oh if you’ll

Kiss me in Seattle
I don’t wanna fight no I just wanna
Be with you if you can
Kiss me in Seattle
I don’t wanna fight no I just wanna
Be with you if you can

Teach me dance moves
I’ll teach you haiku
Then we’ll break through
All those things from before
Can’t you see me there through the door oh if you’ll

Kiss me in Seattle
I don’t wanna fight no I just wanna
Be with you if you can
Kiss me in Seattle
I don’t wanna fight no I just wanna
Be with you if you can

I thought that you should know this
Hurts me slowly

Kiss me in Seattle

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  1. "Kiss Me in Seattle" by Luke and the Swells, Bandcamp. https://lukeandtheswells.bandcamp.com/track/kiss-me-in-seattle