Like a Good Neighbor

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"Like a Good Neighbor"
Cover by Weezer
Released February 7, 2011
Format MP3
Recorded December 2010
Length 2:45
Writer(s) Barry Manilow
Producer(s) Shawn Everett
Status Officially released

"Like a Good Neighbor" is a cover, recorded by Weezer in 2010, of the State Farm commercial jingle written by Barry Manilow. It is the first publicly-released recording of the full version of the song.


See Karl's Corner - 02/09/2011

When we were setting up The Memories Tour, the good people at State Farm asked the band, “Would you sing our jingle for us?” Weezer then asked if the jingle was from a whole song, and if anyone had recorded it lately. So State Farm went back to their headquarters to find out the answers. What they came back with was that “all we could find was the lyrics and sheet music, we are not sure anyone has ever recorded the whole song.” It turns out Barry Manilow wrote the song, back when he was just starting out and wrote songs for commercials to pay his bills. Rivers looked over the sheet music and said “this is a great song; we should record the whole thing.” So the band went into the studio and had a lot of fun rocking out with Mr. Manilow's tune, hoping he would be proud of the results.

- Karl Koch

The song was released officially on February 7th, 2011 on Weezer's SoundCloud page and also February 9th, 2011 on the "State Farm Nation" Facebook page. The cover featured an accompanying music video of the recording process, shot in early December 2010. The metadata tags in the MP3 state "STATE FARM - ROUGH 2 - DEC 9," suggesting the song was recorded, mixed, or mastered on that date.




Whenever you're driving
And wherever you're bound
On freeways and byways
The whole country round

You'll feel better knowing
Anytime, anywhere
That like a good neighbor
State Farm is there

Your home's where your heart is
It's a feeling that grows
The house that you live in
The love that it shows

We all hope the good times
Never leave us behind
We face our tomorrows
With some peace of mind

No man has a promise
Of a life without care
And like a good neighbor,
State Farm is there

State Farm is there!
State Farm is there!
State Farm is there!

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