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List of hootenannies

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In promotion of The Red Album and prior to the Troublemaker Tour, Weezer held a short hootenanny tour, where fans would bring their own instruments and play along with the band.

Hootenanny Tour dates

Rivers Cuomo head.png
Our manager said, "All right, Weezer, it's time to do another run of these radio-station promo events where you gotta play for the radio winners." It just felt like more fun to do Hootenanny, where the radio winners actually bring instruments, and we all jam together. I don't find that there is less responsibility on me, because now I have this army of 300 crazed musicians who I have to corral and help make music with. It's actually a lot of responsibility, but it's fun stuff. I think if I wasn't a musician, I would be a high-school band director or orchestra director. I like working with large groups of musicians and bringing out the dynamics and accomplishing something as a team.

- Rivers Cuomo, January 2009, in an interview with the A.V. Club

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Setlist for promotional hootenannies: "Pork and Beans", "Island in the Sun", "Creep (Radiohead)", "Say It Ain't So", "El Scorcho" and "Beverly Hills"

Arena hootenannies

Fans were also invited on stage during Weezer's Troublemaker Tour to perform two songs during the band's first encore.

Setlist for arena encore hootenannies: "Island in the Sun", "Beverly Hills"

Rivers Cuomo solo Alone II hootenanny

Rivers Cuomo hosted a solo hootenanny in promotion of Alone II, where performers suggested songs for the setlist. Roughly 150 were in attendance.

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