Lord Vanity

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Lord Vanity
Lord Vanity cover
Studio album by Lord Vanity
Released March 31, 2021
Recorded 2010-2013
Genre hip-hop
Length 30:11
Label Z Tapes Los Angeles
Alternate cover
Cover art for "Vanity's 'Flow Mix'"
Cover art for "Vanity's 'Flow Mix'"

"Lord Vanity" is an album by Lord Vanity, a solo project of Ryen Slegr. An alternate version of this album exists called, "Vanity's 'Flow Mix'" consisting of the first five tracks seamlessly conjoined.


Lord Vanity is meant to be written by Ryen's alter ego of the same name. The name Lord Vanity is an allusion to the book of the same name by educator and author Samuel Shellabarger. While the album itself was released in 2021, Ryen released singles for this album in 2013. These tracks were 3, 4, 8, and 11.
The single art for Dinner was used as the cover art for "Vanity's 'Flow Mix'".

Ryen recommends headphones while listening to this album, going as far as to describe it as a "headphone album".

Recording and Release

The album was recorded in 2010-13 and was released through the Z-Tapes record label in 2021.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Lord Vanity

No. Title Length
1. "City of Los Angeles"   1:54
2. "Being Lord Vanity"   3:16
3. "So Simple"   3:32
4. "Dinner"   3:45
5. "Big Baby"   3:01
6. "Short Story"   0:52
7. "Vanity of Oz"   2:44
8. "Welcome"   2:52
9. "Step"   1:47
10. "Minor Theme"   3:12
11. "Identify"   3:16
Total length:


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