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Weezer's Sessions@AOL (2008) were released on the official .com website on July 24, 2008.


The AOL Sessions were somewhat a surprise, having only been briefly mentioned by Karl in an Albumsix chat, but never confirmed. Even more surprising were the songs performed, three of which being recently released Red songs from Bonus Tracks and Deluxe tracks. King, however, was little of a surprise since it was being performed at the hootenannies as well.

The band acts out Miss Sweeney.


During the song Miss Sweeney, Rivers wears a suit, sits at a desk, and acts out the roll of a businessman dictating notes to his secretary. He imitates the buzz of an intercom as the song begins. Miss Sweeney is portrayed by a performer who reacts with confusion as Rivers' character professes his love for her. During the final chorus, she drops her clipboard and lets down her hair to perform an interpretive dance. During another song, Rivers wears a black turtleneck and beret. Instead of performing in the traditional rock stage setup, Weezer performs in a half circle with a single microphone in the middle.

Fan Reactions

Fans met the new sessions with somewhat mixed opinions. While many were happy to see the inclusion of Miss Sweeney (speculating it was more likely to be played on the tour), many were also upset to see more acoustic performances rather than electric performances. Additionally, Rivers Cuomo flubs a line on Miss Sweeney and holds a lyric sheet from which he reads for all of Miss Sweeney and Troublemaker. Others were upset that Brian Bell sang Why Bother? himself. However, Brian also sang Why Bother? on the Foozer tour.

Set list

  1. Pork and Beans
  2. It's Easy (lead vocals by Brian)
  3. Miss Sweeney
  4. Why Bother? (lead vocals by Brian)
  5. King (lead vocals by Scott)
  6. Troublemaker
  7. Q&A

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