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Background information
Origin Jakarta, Indonesia
Years active 2003-present
Label(s) Belakang Teras Records
Ororo Records
Website Bandcamp
Current Members
Awaludin Syafri (Dindin)
Former Members
Nafri (guitar)
Coki (bass)
This article is for the band. For the musician, see Star Wick.

Starwick is a rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Originally formed as an Ozma cover band, they are named after Ozma member Star Wick.


Starwick is currently Dindin (guitar, vocals), Arvi (bass), Arman (guitar), and Anto (drums, vocals). The band was formed in 2003 and has remained active to this day. Originally starting as an Ozma cover band, they evolved into recording their only material shortly afterward, eventually releasing an EP in 2018. Members of the band can often be found interacting with the Ozma community, such as "sidindin" on the Ozma Fan Forums and "arargrup" on the Ozma Discord.

Around Christmas of 2018, newly-married Ozma drummer Kenn Shane visited Indonesia to meet his wife's family. During this trip, he met the members of Starwick along with some members of The Adams.


Weezer covers

Ozma Covers

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