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Gameover cover
Single by Ozma
Album Spending Time on the Borderline
Released 2003
Length 4:12
Label Kung Fu Records
Writer(s) Ryen Slegr
Daniel Brummel
Producer(s) Chris Fudurich
Status Officially released
Spending Time on the Borderline track listing
"Turtleneck Coverup"
"Curve in the Old 1-9"

"Gameover" is the seventh track and one of two singles from Ozma's third studio album, Spending Time on the Borderline.


On all compilation releases the track is labeled as "Game Over"

  • Punk Rock Is Your Friend (Kung Fu Records Sampler #4) (2002)
  • Kung Fu Records Catalog Sampler 2002-2003 (2003)
  • Cakeboy (2005)


This song ends with an acoustic version of "Curve in the Old 1-9" which seamlessly transitions into the song of the same name. There is an acoustic version of this track that was recorded live in 2000 that came bundled with the Rock and Roll Part Three Enhanced Edition CD. This acoustic version along with all other songs from the set were remastered and rereleased in 2021 as Ozma - Live Acoustic Set - July 12, 2000.


Live Acoustic Version



You're hot, stop and drop and roll
I'll jump in the swimming hole
So I can hear your cheers
I've seen all the episodes
I know all the secret codes
So where I go I don't need roads

I'm flying over, over, I'll fly right over you

2P, you take my control
Teach me how to rock and roll
Or I'll fall down and die
I bet you don't know how to find
Our extra lives time ninety-nine
I know you tried but still we died

Our game is over, over, this game is overrated, baby
This game is overrated

Now I'm frustrated
Is there no piece of your heart for a brother?

Reset, can't reset the years (so sad)
So sad, princess isn't here
She's hiding out with all my fears

Our game is over, over, this game is overrated, baby
This game is over
Rated, baby, our game is overrated, baby
This is game overrated
(This game is over)
Over, over, this game is over

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