Studio C

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Cropper performing at Studio C

Studio C is the studio in Oakland, California owned and operated by Jason Cropper. It is known as the headquarters for The Jason Cropper Band.


Cropper purchased Studio C in 2017 and first shared a photo of the newly acquired space on Instagram the same year. The studio is operated by Cropper, Rob Ahlers, Brian J. Kenny, and Zollie Fears. In 2018, Studio C was used to record and produce Brian J. Kenny's album, Topical Tunes for Troubled Times. Cropper's 2022 album was produced and recorded in the studio as well.

Cropper's first post about Studio C on March 25, 2017

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Studio C was used as a place for The Jason Cropper Band to come together and perform virtual livestreamed concerts of The Golden Hour in a socially distanced manner. The studio is also available for musicians in the Oakland area to rent out. The gear in Studio C ranges from amplifiers, keyboards, pianos, vocal mics, universal audio interfaces, a drum collection, as well as a guitar and bass collection. The same bass guitar used on Chopper One's debut album, Now Playing resides at Studio C as well.

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