That Dog concert: 08/28/2011

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That Dog concert: 08/28/2011
That Dog concert: 08/28/2011 cover
Tour 2011 reunion dates
Venue The Troubadour
Location West Hollywood, CA
Date August 28, 2011
Supporting acts Mime Crime
That Dog live show chronology
08/26/2011 - West Hollywood, CA 08/28/2011 - West Hollywood, CA 04/13/2012 - Los Angeles, CA (early show)

That Dog performed at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA on August 26, 2011. Maya Rudolph opened the show performing Prince covers under the name "Princess." Rudolph was preceded by a theater ensemble named Mime Crime. The show was That Dog's second live performance since August of 1997.


Setlist per fan blog recounting the show[2]

No. Title
1. "Old Timer"    
2. "Jump"    
3. "Ms. Wrong"    
4. "Long Island"    
5. "Being With You"    
6. "Raina"    
7. "Lip Gloss"    
8. "She Looks At Me"    
9. "Grunge Couple"    
10. "Did You Ever"    
11. "Retreat from the Sun"    
12. "Silently"    
13. "Zodiac"    
14. "Minneapolis"    
15. "Gagged and Tied"    
16. "He's Kissing Christian"    
17. "Michael Jordan"    


No. Title
1. "Punk Rock Girl"    
2. "Never Say Never"    
3. "In the Back of My Mind"    
4. "Hawthorne"    
5. "Westside Angst"    
6. "Angel"    

Second encore

No. Title
1. "This Boy"    



"Never Say Never"


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