The Lowdown

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The Lowdown
The Lowdown cover
Released June 29, 2008
Genre Biography
Label Chrome Dreams, Sexy Intellectual

The Lowdown is a 2 CD set of unauthorized informational CDs on the band's history. It includes Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer and a CD titled "The Interview".


Included in the collection's cardboard case is "Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer", a biography released on CD by the label Chrome Dreams in 2002, featuring a 8-page booklet and a fold-out poster, along with "The Interview", a collection of interviews touching on various experiences the different members have had working and touring as Weezer. Neither of the CD's contents are of exceptionally high quality, Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer 's having multiple factual errors and little significant information on the band, and The Interview 's being a collection of unsourced, poor quality interviews.

It is part of a larger series of releases by Chrome Dreams and Sexy Intellectual of low-quality, unauthorized biographies on different artists.

Track lists

Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer Track list

No. Title Length
1. "Transcending Geek Rock"   7:30
2. "Sound of the Suburbs"   5:37
3. "Initial Struggle"   4:40
4. "Going Overground"   10:01
5. "The Dark Side"   7:04
6. "Dropping Out"   5:10
7. "A Period of Transition"   5:00
8. "Warped and Driven"   7:25
9. "Enlightened Souls"   4:50
10. "Behind the Mask"   4:19
11. "Back on the Block"   5:45

The Interview Track List

No. Title Length
1. "On Songwriting And Japan"   6:11
2. "On Playing With The Foo Fighters And Live Shows"   8:54
3. "More On Songwriting, Touring And Rick Rubin"   5:52
4. "Looking Back At Their Early Career And The Rentals"   11:35
5. "About The Green Album"   4:03
6. "About Pinkerton"   2:34
7. "Wide-Ranging"   17:20


Weezer Remain one the world's most innovative punk rock bands, time and again releasing albums that challenge the listener, while creating a joyous and rewarding sonic experience. Frontman Rivers Cuomo is renowned for his tales of teenage angst, love, loss, despair and sunny days, and with new songs regularly forthcoming, fans are never kept waiting too long to delight in fresh material

Weezer: The Lowdown is a 2 CD set with a disc of interviews with Rivers Cuomo and the rest of the band, featuring members past and present, and an audio biography charting the group's career to date. And with posters, booklets, and rare photographs, this fascinating and memorable collection becomes a must-have for any Weezer fan.


Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer (Disc 1)

The Interview (Disc 2)

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