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The Special Goodness concert: 11/02/1999

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The Special Goodness concert: 11/02/1999
Tour Fall 1999 tour
Venue Club Laga
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Date November 2, 1999
Headliner The Special Goodness
Bootleg partial bootleg circulating
Attendance 100+[1]
The Special Goodness live show chronology
11/01/1999 - Washington, DC 11/02/1999 - Pittsburgh, PA 11/03/1999 - Cleveland, OH
Ticket stub
L-R: Fan Club member Justin Hoenke, Karl Koch, Pat Wilson, Mikey Welsh

The Special Goodness performed at Club Laga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1999, as part of their Fall 1999 tour. To the dismay of the band and fans,[1] the venue's promoters made flyers for the show purporting that the band would be "playing all the weezer hits." After the main performance, to appease the audience, the band played the Weezer songs "Undone - The Sweater Song" and "Tired of Sex" and allowed attendees to climb on-stage and sing along.[2] The entire show, including the "Weezer karaoke" segment, was recorded and circulated online[1][3]—though only the Weezer songs remain in circulation.[clarification needed] After the show, the band stayed at the home of Weezer fan club member Justin Hoenke.

Set list

No. Title
1. "It's Only Natural"    
2. "Life Goes By"    
3. "Fatigue"    
4. "Reason to Worry"    
5. "B.S."    
6. "Let's Go Down"    
7. "Conquistadors of Nothing"    
8. "Pardon Me"    
9. "What You're On"    
10. "I'm with You Sister"    
11. "Riff"    
12. "I'm Not Too Proud"    
13. "There Is a Book"    
14. "Went Down Swinging"    
15. "What You Can Forget"    
16. "Undone - The Sweater Song" (Weezer song)  
17. "Tired of Sex" (Weezer song)  

Tour diary

See The Special Goodness tour diary - Fall 1999

Tues Nov 2: wake up and drive to pittsburgh. en route, we discover the "truckerbucks" phone card system, which we later learn charges you a minimum of 6 minutes per call no matter how short your call was. Now thats quality. It starts raining like a wailing herd of wild monkey bull pig goat cattle. this continues until late that night, when it decides to become snow. We are helped at the freezing rainy load-in by justin and his crew, who we get in for soundcheck so they all dont freeze and die. To my delight the interior of Club Laga (well, our floor), is ideal for lots of skateboarding. to our dismay , the promoter has put on the fliers for the show that the special goodness will be "playing all the weezer hits". uh-oh. a fine show is played, but the crowd has been misled, and demands more at the end. the band does a sort of weez karaoke, (barely) playing the music to "undone" and "tired of sex", as about 40 insane frat guys surround the mics and scream out the lyrics. this seems to satisfy them, and the SG escapes unharmed. that night stay at justins suburban castle.

Justin:"who are you guys?" Pat:"I just broke your TV"
- Karl Koch


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