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The Special Goodness concert: 11/25/1999

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The Special Goodness concert: 11/25/1999
Tour Fall 1999 tour
Venue Club Cocodrie
Location San Francisco, CA
Date November 25, 1999
Supporting acts Eureka Farm
Headliner The Special Goodness, Space Twins
Bootleg Exists; not circulating
The Special Goodness live show chronology
11/24/1999 - West Hollywood, CA 11/25/1999 - San Francisco, CA 11/27/1999 - Seattle, WA

The Special Goodness performed at Club Cocodrie in San Francisco, California on November 25, 1999, as part of their Fall 1999 tour. The show was the third and final concert from the tour to be co-headlined with the Space Twins. The opening act was Eureka Farm. An audience bootleg of the Space Twins' and Special Goodness' sets was recorded onto tape and circulated,[1] though it is no longer in circulation.[clarification needed]

Set list

For the Space Twins set list, see: Space Twins concert: 11/25/1999.
No. Title
1. "It's Only Natural"    
2. "What You're On"    
3. "Fatigue"    
4. "Pardon Me"    
5. "Conquistadors of Nothing"    
6. "B.S."    
7. "What You Can Forget"    
8. "Reason to Worry"    
9. "Let's Go Down"    
10. "I'm With You Sister"    
11. "Riff"    
12. "Went Down Swinging"    
13. "Life Goes By"    
14. "I'm Not Too Proud"    
15. "There Is a Book"    

Tour diary

See The Special Goodness tour diary - Fall 1999

Thurs Nov 25 (thanksgiving): we sleep in a bit, assuming that this show couldnt possibly get underway as early as they claimed. 6 hours later were in the seedy North Beach area of SF, locating the Club Cocodrie amongst the neon boobs in the store windows. Despite the holiday, many people showed up and the show rocked! also, i ollied on to the tall stage, a personal skateboard triumph. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of over fried foods at the local Carl's Jr, with Ian from Eureka Farm and Tim of the "W.H.A.T." rentals website. another solid show with the ST, the EF, and the SG. after we drive 2 hours to the middle of nowhere, and hit another super 8.

- Karl Koch


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