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The Special Podness

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The Special Podness
The Special Podness logo.jpg
Background information
Years active 2022
Label(s) Wastoids
Website https://www.thespecialgoodness.com/
Current Members
Patrick Wilson
Karl Koch
Atom Willard

The Special Podness is a four-part podcast miniseries about the history of The Special Goodness, hosted by band members Patrick Wilson and Atom Willard alongside Weezer historian Karl Koch. It was released in 2022 through the podcast distributor Wastoids, in tandem with the vinyl re-release of Land Air Sea.


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List of episodes

  1. "The Special Podness: Meet The Special Goodness" (July 15, 2022)
  2. "The Special Podness: Atom, Elvis, and Jay Leno" (July 22, 2022)
  3. "The Special Podness: On the Road" (July 29, 2022)
  4. "The Special Podness: Life Goes By" (August 5, 2022)

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