The Special Podness: On the Road

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"The Special Podness: On the Road"
The Special Podness: On the Road cover
The Special Podness episode 3
Album The Special Podness
Released July 29, 2022
Length 23:51
Label Wastoids
The Special Podness track listing
"The Special Podness: Atom, Elvis, and Jay Leno"
"The Special Podness: On the Road"
"The Special Podness: Life Goes By"

"The Special Podness: On the Road" is the third episode of the four-part podcast miniseries The Special Podness, hosted by Patrick Wilson, Atom Willard, and Karl Koch. It was released on July 29, 2022.

Website description

A description of the episode is given on the Wastoids website:[1]

Crack open the new vinyl edition of The Special Goodness’ Land Air Sea, and what you’ll find in the gatefold liner notes isn’t an essay on the recording process, an invocation of the band’s songwriting influences, or anything related to the actual tunes. Instead, you’ll find a statement from Pat Wilson of Weezer about his and Atom Willard's shared obsession: vintage cars.

From the cover of Land Air Sea to the bitchin’ new shirt over for sale, cars and trucks play heavy into the Special Goodness mythology. So for this episode, Weezer historian Karl Koch is focusing on the open road—discussing tours and Pat and Atom’s gearhead tendencies. Wanna share your favorite Special Goodness song? Give us a call at 1-877-WASTOIDS.

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