The Special Podness: Life Goes By

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"The Special Podness: Life Goes By"
The Special Podness: Life Goes By cover
The Special Podness episode 4 by
Album The Special Podness
Released August 5, 2022
Length 27:49
Label Wastoids
The Special Podness track listing
"The Special Podness: On the Road"
"The Special Podness: Life Goes By"

"The Special Podness: Life Goes By" is the fourth and final episode of the four-part podcast miniseries The Special Podness, hosted by Patrick Wilson, Atom Willard, and Karl Koch. It was released on August 5, 2022.

Website description

A description of the episode is given on the Wastoids website:[1]

Welcome to The Special Podness, a four-part mini-series dedicated to the history of The Special Goodness by the three dudes who (probably) know it best: Pat Wilson of Weezer, drummer Atom Willard (Rocket From the Crypt, Plosivs, Against Me!) and Karl Koch, Weezer historian.

This is our final episode of the podcast for now, and in it we’re going under the hood to discuss where Pat’s inspirations as a songwriter, discuss the band’s time on Weezer’s Enlightenment Tour, shows with Audioslave and The Foo Fighters, airplay on LA rock station KROQ, and how The Special Goodness leveled up by connecting with Epitaph Records.

Episode transcript

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