Together Tomorrow (album)

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Together Tomorrow
Together Tomorrow cover
Studio album by The Relationship
Released December 21, 2020
Genre Alternative rock
Length 30:34
Producer(s) Luther Russell
The Relationship chronology
Clara Obscura
Together Tomorrow
Back cover
Back cover

Together Tomorrow is a limited vinyl release by The Relationship, consisting of tracks from the band's previously-unreleased 2006 album.


On August 19, 2020, Brian Bell posted to his Instagram account a clip of the song "Mother Night" with the accompanying text: "Original 2006 lost RELATIONSHIP record found! Coming soon!" Bell elaborated on the release on Instagram on September 12, previewing the label artwork and explaining:

100 copies in production! Recently, my good friend and colleague, Luther Russell, brought to my attention an album we made back in 2006—the original Relationship recordings, recorded to 8-track tape. The recording method was not new, but the process was fresh and inspiring. It forced us to make on-the-spot mixing and performance choices. For whatever reasons I had at the time, I decided the record needed more work. And, it wasn’t until 2010 that I first released the eponymous Relationship CD.

A majority of the songs on this original recording, now entitled “Together Tomorrow”, appear on the 2010 CD; either reworked completely or intact with a few sonic additions. One of the songs, “Thought I Knew”, even found its way onto Weezer’s Red Album. So now there exists three (actually four if you count outtakes) fairly different versions of the same song.

2020, the quarantine year, has been a reminder not to take for granted hanging out and making music with friends such as Nate Shaw, Luther Russell, Jamie Reidling, Sean Lennon, and Sarabeth Tucek. Hearing this record again after probably over a decade, made me question why I didn’t release it back in 2006? So, I’m printing up 100 vinyl copies to document this era in my life and in the life of the band, The Relationship.

The album went on sale, limited to 100 copies, on December 21, 2020 via Manhead Merch and sold out in less than a day.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Mother Night"  Savic Enn/Brian Bell  
2. "You Rock My Heart"  Bell  
3. "Together Tomorrow"  Bell  
4. "Amy Magazine"  Bell  
5. "Please Help Me"  Bell  
6. "Ugly Days"  Bell/Nate Shaw  
7. "Thought I Knew"  Bell  
8. "In Love with Love"  Bell  
9. "Happiness"  Bell  
10. "Are You Gonna Be There For Me?"  Bell  


  • Sean Lennon - backing vocals, slide guitar (track 4), bass (track 10)
  • Sarabeth Tucek - backing vocals (track 10)
  • Mr. Jack Riedling, Sr. - piano (track 2)

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