Weezer concert: 08/18/1996

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Weezer concert: 08/18/1996
Tour Pinkerton Tour
Venue Fort de St Père (La Route du Rock Festival)
Location Saint-Malo, France
Date August 18, 1996
Associated album Pinkerton
Weezer live show chronology
08/17/1996 - Cologne, Germany 08/18/1996 - Saint-Malo, France 08/21/1996 - London, England

Weezer performed at Fort de St Père in Saint-Malo, France on August 18, 1996 for La Route du Rock Festival.

This set was notably bootlegged by Sangatte Records on CD, who also released bootlegs of Weezer and The Rentals' Black Sessions. It was also included on Expire's My Name Is Weezer bootleg.


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No. Title
1. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
2. "My Name Is Jonas"    
3. "El Scorcho"    
4. "Say It Ain't So"    
5. "Buddy Holly"    
6. "Surf Wax America"    


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