Weezer concert: 11/??/1998 (a)

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Weezer concert: 11/??/1998 (a)
Venue The Garage
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date November, 1998
Headliner OtherStarPeople
Debuts "Mr. Moustache"
"Swap Meet"
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Weezer live show chronology
08/15/1997 - Los Angeles, CA 11/??/1998 (a) - Los Angeles, CA (as Goat Punishment) 01/23/1999 - Santa Barbara, CA (as Goat Punishment)

Weezer (under the alias "Goat Punishment") performed at The Garage in Los Angeles, California in November of 1998. The headliner was OtherStarPeople.[1] This was their first concert after their post-Pinkerton hiatus and the first under the alias "Goat Punishment". The set consisted of only Nirvana covers, with most songs coming from their first album Bleach with two from Nevermind and Incesticide. Patrick Wilson is notably absent from this concert with Todd Philips replacing Wilson on drums. This concert was the first with Mikey Welsh on bass.[1]


No. Title
1. "Mr. Moustache" (live debut)  
2. "Aneurysm" (live debut)  
3. "Breed" (live debut)  
4. "Dive" (live debut)  
5. "Swap Meet" (live debut)  
6. "Blew" (live debut)  


Karl's Corner

See Weezine Issue 14 - May 1999

Yes people, two (or more!) shows by a special group called "Goat Punishment" have been played. Goat Punishment consists of Rivers, Brian, Mikey, and Todd Phillips, who played drums for Juliana Hatfield. Their first show, at a small bar in LA, consisted solely of Nirvana songs from "Bleach" and "Incesticide". The second show, at a club in Santa Barbara CA, was all songs from Oasis's first album. Rivers says the shows are an "important exercise in songwriting", and lots of fun to boot! As far as Weezer's future is concerned, there is some hope for recording, and subsequent touring later in '99. But, unfortunately, there are no confirmed details, and we must trust that the guys have it under control.

- Karl Koch

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