When You're Looking for Love

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"When You're Looking for Love"
Song by Rivers Cuomo
Album Video Capture Device
Released March 23, 2004
Recorded 1995
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo, Karl Koch
Status partially released

"When You're Looking for Love" is an unfinished song written by Rivers Cuomo and Karl Koch. It was included on the Video Capture Device in 2004.


The song originated from a vocal idea concieved by Karl Koch. Rivers Cuomo adapted his lyrics, briefly playing them on acoustic guitar while in a hotel. A clip of Cuomo playing was included on the compilation DVD Video Capture Device. According to Koch, the band was asked by their lawyers to give the song a name as well as official credits before including it on the release. The decision was made to register it as a co-write between Cuomo and Koch.

Said Koch, after he was asked about the song in 2022:

Well, it was in the VCD as i recall, in a video i shot in a hotel room. i had come up with the vocal idea, and Rivers ran with it on his acoustic guitar. I wanted to include the clip in the VCD but the lawyers were like "ok whats this song it needs official credits?" So it got officially registered as a co-write. It isnt really a complete song at all... we should finish it someday.

- Karl Koch, [1]

The clip's placement in the Video Capture Device indicates it was recorded around Spring 1995, during the World Domination Tour.


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When you're looking for love
Don't take no for an answer
When you're looking for love
Don't take no for an answer
When you're looking for love
Don't take less than no for an answer

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