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Weezer - Video Capture Device
Weezer - Video Capture Device cover
Music video by Weezer
Released March 23, 2004
Format Video longform
Recorded 1992-2002
Genre Alternative rock
Length 180 minutes
Label Geffen
Producer Weezer
Professional reviews
Weezer video chronology
Maladroit Make Believe

Weezer - Video Capture Device: Treasures from the Vault 1991-2002 (or simply Video Capture Device, abbrieviated VCD) is Weezer's proper video release. Available only on DVD, VCD was compiled by Karl Koch, and released in the spring of 2004, on the same day as the Deluxe Edition of The Blue Album. Aside from all of the band's promotional music videos from that album through Maladroit, it also contains rare live performances, interviews, TV commercials, backstage moments, and documentary footage of the making of albums and videos. It even includes some hilarious band member antics caught on tape, paticularly those of Patrick Wilson, and Koch edited two new videos for "Pink Triangle" and "Slob" using material he'd shot over the years. As of early 2009, Koch has spoken of making another DVD.


  1. "Undone - The Sweater Song"
  2. "Buddy Holly"
  3. "Say It Ain't So"
  4. "El Scorcho" (directors cut)
  5. "The Good Life"
  6. "Pink Triangle"
  7. "Hash Pipe"
  8. "Island in the Sun" (Marcos Siega)
  9. "Island in the Sun" (Spike Jonze)
  10. "Photograph"
  11. "Dope Nose"
  12. "Keep Fishin'"
  13. "Slob"



  • Chapters "Saction" and "Weezer goes to Van Nuys: The Making of Pinkerton" include snippets of the then-unheard song "Superfriend", a song that would not be officially released until the 2007 demo album Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.
  • Brief snippets of unheard, unreleased songs "No Way" and "No More Confusin" can be heard during the "Stoopid Fresh" chapter.
  • The keyboardist playing during "Prodigy Lover" is Ryan Maynes.
  • Deleted scenes and extra footage were released via the band's official website.
  • The commentary tracks on the DVD were recorded on September 11th, 2002.
  • On the audio commentary for "Keep Fishin," the band refers to Muppets creator Jim Henson as "the guy who died" and laments that Muppeteer Frank Oz is "also no longer with us" despite the fact Oz is alive and well (though he has largely retired from puppeteering and did not perform in the "Keep Fishin" video). The band may have been confusing Oz with Richard Hunt, who is, in fact, deceased.

Easter Egg

  • Highlighting Maladroit on the TV Promos section and pressing right will make a large Flying =W= symbol appear. Clicking on it allows you to see the bonus feature "Wig Fishin" featuring Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo wearing a long blonde wig during an appearance on British television program, Popworld. The European edition of the DVD is lacking this bonus feature.


The DVD debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top Music Video charts and has sold 78,968 copies as of October 2005. It was certified as a Gold selling DVD by the RIAA on December 15, 2004 [1].

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