Troublemaker Remixes

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Troublemaker Remixes
Troublemaker Remixes cover
EP by Weezer
Released October 2008
Length 36:40
Label Interscope Records
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Troublemaker Remixes

Troublemaker Remixes is a promotional EP featuring seven club/dance DJ remixes of the Weezer song "Troublemaker".


The EP was released in October 2008 on CD as well as translucent red 12"-vinyl. The release features two tracks by Canadian DJ Richard Vission of the label Solmatic. An additional remix, labeled "Richard Vission Solmatic Remix" is currently in circulation online, but does not appear on the EP.

The EP's cover features an illustration by Manabu Akishige, who previously wrote and illustrated the manga Go-On!, wherein Weezer's debut album is featured in the plot. The characters from Go-On! also appeared on a Japanese promotional poster for Weezer's Red Album. The illustrations featured on the packaging for Troublemaker Remixes were reused for a Mexican CD release of the greatest hits compilation Six Hits.

Track listings

Troublemaker Remixes (promo EP)

No. Title Length
1. "Troublemaker" (Azzido Da Bass Remix) 5:24
2. "Troublemaker" (Azzido Da Bass Dub Remix) 5:27
3. "Troublemaker" (Tiny Evil Remix) 6:52
4. "Troublemaker" (Richard Vission Remix) 4:05
5. "Troublemaker" (Richard Vission Dub Mix) 5:37
6. "Troublemaker" (Funky Monk Remix) 6:02
7. "Troublemaker" (Baby Disaster Remix) 3:17


  • "Troublemaker" (Richard Vission Solmatic Remix) — 5:28

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