Your Name

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"Your Name"
Your Name cover
Song by Ozma
Album Spending Time on the Borderline
Released 2003
Length 2:30
Label Kung Fu Records
Writer(s) Ryen Slegr
Producer(s) Chris Fudurich
Status Officially released
Spending Time on the Borderline track listing
"Spending Time"
"Your Name"
"Come Home Andrea"

"Your Name" is the second track from Spending Time on the Borderline.



Notable about this song is that usual bass player Daniel Brummel plays lead guitar on the track, usual rhythm guitarist Jose Galvez plays bass on the track, and usual lead guitarist Ryen Slegr plays keys on the track. The song was drum player at the time Patrick Edwards's favorite track off the album.[1] The end of this song samples sounds from a beach, this was recorded by hooking up a microphone to the roof of the recording studio.[2]



Your name was given to you
Out of two hearts something new
It seemed too small when you finally grew
But it was yours, what could you do?
You felt that life was a chore
Keeping your boat close to shore
So you set sail seeking fortune and fame
And changed your name, but still, it remains

Tied like an anchor onto your heart
Asking you, "Why did we ever part?"

Tied like an anchor onto your heart
Asking you, "Why did we ever part?"

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