Black Session (The Rentals bootleg)

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This article is about the Loose Dog bootleg The Rentals CD-R release. For other uses of Black Sessions, see Black Sessions (disambiguation).
Black Session
Black Session cover
Unofficial bootleg by The Rentals
Released unknown
Format CD-R
Recorded April 5, 1996
Label Loose Dog

Black Session is an unlicensed bootleg The Rentals CD-R released by the label Loose Dog. It contains audio from the Rentals' Black Sessions performance, recorded April 5, 1996. It is one of many Weezer-related bootlegs released by the label.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "The Love I'm Searching For"   3:38
2. "Waiting"   3:28
3. "Brilliant Boy"   4:14
4. "Naive"   3:13
5. "Move On"   5:01
6. "Please Let That Be You"   3:55
7. "So Soon"   3:52
8. "Sweetness and Tenderness"   7:02
9. "These Days"   3:16
10. "Tracy Jacks" (Blur cover) 4:26
11. "Friends of P."   2:37



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