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Karl's Corner - 05/03/2002

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05/03/02 The Singers and Songwriters Collection

...something cool is happening in Los Angeles on May 13th. Somehow, loud musical instruments will be played. If i was in Los Angeles and a weezer fan, I'd be listening to KROQ-FM. I'd also be keeping an eye on weezer.com. More to come!

...Yes, weezer is playing Leeds on Aug 24th, the day after their appearence at the reading Festival on the 23rd. Yes every band always signs up for playing both dates, this is true. Sorry about that omission the other day.

...now heres's some cool Maladroit news-
The first 600,000 US Maladroit CDs off the assembly line will be individually numbered from 000001 to 600000. This means that every copy of the initial pressing of the album will be unique! Record collectors and Beatles fans might remember how the original vinyl "White Album" LP jackets were numbered from 1 to a number somewhere in the millions before they stopped the process, and that years later, the lowest numbers eventually turned into collectors items. The Maladroit CD numbering is to be halted at 500,000 [or so I hear], so there should be a limited numbered cd available for everyone, at least for the time being anyway! Note that the cds are to be randomly distributed around the USA, so theres no way to know what number cd's will be in your local area. I guess we'll all find out come May 14th!


..."Dope Nose" has risen to #8 in its 8th week on the Billboard Moden Rock chart! Thanks for your support!!!

...Maladroit rising: Due to pre-sales, Maladroit has risen to number 48 on the amazon.com top-sellers list and number 98 on the cdnow.com top-sellers list. Meanwhile over in France, Maladroit is already number 15 on the Amazon.fr "most-sold" list!

...Weezer media player: Now, Here's a new Weezer media player that features 3 tracks from "maladroit". click on the link to get hooked up!

...Here is the link for a cool March 2002 interview with Brian Bell, talking about Weezer, Maladroit, and Brians other music project, the Space Twins.

...Dusty West opening act 'dramatis personae'...

Pere Yorn and Dirty Bird
Karlscorner-20020503-b.jpgPete Yorn- main dude
Karlscorner-20020503-c.jpgJason Johnson- guitar, backing vocals
Karlscorner-20020503-d.jpgTerry Borden- bass, backing vocals
Karlscorner-20020503-e.jpgJoe Kennedy- keys, guitar, backing vocals
Karlscorner-20020503-f.jpgLuke Adams- drums

AM Radio
Karlscorner-20020503-g.jpgKevin Ridel- main dude
Karlscorner-20020503-h.jpgRowan Robertson- guitar, backing vocals
Karlscorner-20020503-i.jpgJason Moore- guitar, backing vocals
Karlscorner-20020503-j.jpgBryce Soderberg- bass, backing vocals
Karlscorner-20020503-k.jpgJoe Higgins- drums