Karl's Corner - 05/26/2002

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5/26/02 jibun-sagashi

Karlscorner-2002japantour.jpgJapan World Cup Tour show #8: Club Zepp, Tokyo (again)

...back in the Tokyo groove! We took the shin-kansen (bullet train) back up to Tokyo, got settled, ate a Subway sandwich, and jumped in the vans to the Zepp. Back again. During soundcheck, photographers from 2 different Japanese guitar player magazines took photos of the gear for upcoming features on weezer. (One was "Young Guitar", i forget the other one). Wow, this was the most squashy, sweaty, jumpy, and crazy show in Japan yet! Tonight the Pinkerton track "Falling For You" got its first performance since 1997.

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....the first 5 Tokyo Zepp (#2) fans' stories that came in...

  • "...Today's show was absolutely great, but I felt weird a little bit at the beginning. After the wonderful performance of AM Radio, it took the guys a long time to begin the show, so that we all couldn't wait patiently, and I even thought the guys didn't feel like shooting the show today. However, it turn out that I just didn't have to worry about anything since it looked like the guys were really feeling it and having more fun than last time in Tokyo. Even though I had a feeling that today's set list wasn't as good as last time, I like this show better than last time for some reason. I think it is because the guys interacted with the Japanese audience more such as Pat was throwing many things in the crowd, and Scott was talking to fans at the front while he was playing. Also, Rivers was in a better mood, so that he kept talking in the whole show and showed us off his improved Japanese! It is amazing but his Japanese is getting much better in 7 days. So, these great interactions definitely helped us to enjoy the show more. I expected them to play my favorite song "Across the Sea", which I was so jealous to hear that they played it in Osaka for the first time since 1997; however, it just didn't happen this time unfortunately. It was a bad luck, but I still have one more show to go tomorrow at Nihon Budokan, so hopefully I can see them playing my favorite song then! The show at Nihon Budokan is going to be very different from others since that is the last show for the Japan World Cup Tour and the size and capacity of Nihon Budokan is way bigger than other clubs. Now I just can't wait for tomorrow, and I hope I am going to have the best time ever then!" ---Yoshiko #2
  • "...It is very wonderful show. The sense of togetherness of a member and a spectator was governing this time. This excitement and impression are not forgotten for the time being. Moreover it is a large welcome always, I want Japan to come." ---mdt
  • "...I enjoyed LIVE by side of sound effects with the husband on the 26th. We enjoyed ourselves until the music of weezer was satisfied. He forgets age, a rhythm is taken corporally and the waist has become painful after LIVE. It was so pleasant time. Mr.Riverse Very pleasantly, your guitar performance and the voice to sing made me hot, and impressed me. It is heard and swarmed. Mr.Brian I like the method of the performance which is united with your spectator. It also becomes pleasant that I am on that occasion. Mr.Patrick I become the feeling which strikes the drum together with you repeatedly in LIVE. It rode on the rhythm together and he was able to be enjoyed. Mr.Scott The pattern of your tattoo is worrisome. it will be what beautiful pattern -- was it painful? I thought that it was the direction which prizes fans. Thank you. Both legs are extended greatly and it is the performance method. I also imitated at home. I thought whether to split. The Mr. sound effects A work figure while taking your rhythm. LIVE became much more pleasant. Thank you.Thank you for people of STAFF of weezer. Mr.Karl It is deeply thankful to you. We can know about weezer for the information which you send.I understand you personal character, with your smiling face. It passed along the you side on the 27th on the 26th. I said the feeling of gratitude in the heart so that it might not become the obstacle of work. It is as thank you. Dear Mykel and Carli I come to hear weezer and my day is still shallow. Recently also knew about two persons. I am deeply thankful to two persons. Pressing down a code played the utmost guitar and I sang "Mykel and Carli." The tear overflowed. I pray for the bliss of the dead with gratitude. LIVE was able to be enjoyed by eye six sequences on the 27th. (The husband slipped out of work somehow at 19:10.) Thank you for recollections great to us. The husband returned to the LIVE workshop and I returned to the house for which sons wait. Thank you Wish that the feeling of gratitude is transmitted. As mentioned above, it was individual fan mail." ---mikako
  • "...Whether it is good or bad, one thing is for sure. That show was too exciting for me! I was on the 4th or 5th line from the stage and I could see Rivers very close! But aroud me, everyone looks like teenager and I think they are! I tried, but I couldn't sing along or even breath with excited kids jumping, pushing around. In the end, I had to escape in the middle of the song since I was wet to the skin from sweat of mine and people and thirty like crazy (missing my bottle of green tea terribly). I realize I have to give the front space for younger kids...Anyway, I love the atmosphere of the show, singing along Rivers especially. And when I was outside of the room, I could talk to Jason from am Radio. He was VERY nice and as I said to him, I orderd their cd thru the internet. Weezer, thank you for the crazy (kind of sad, realising my age) night and introducing am Radio!" ---Midori (8-year long fan of Rivers)
  • "...The show at the Zepp Tokyo was a little slow to get started, but once it was on, it rocked out. When I arrived, I was suprised to see that no one was really rockin' out to AM Radio, despite the fact that their set was tight - probably due to the fact that no one wanted to bump anyone else (Japan is an extremely polite society). But once Weezer took the stage, the crowd forgot themselves and rocked with the music. The fans around me were singing along, and even though some of their lyrics were wrong, it was understood that everyone was just there to hear Weezer do what they do best. Overall - nice venue, great fans, wicked show." ---Kristie