Karl's Corner - 05/13/2002

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05/13/02 what the dilly yo

...Maladroit Record Release free show: Whiskey A-Go-Go: Hollywood, California

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...things went remarkably smooth for a show that everyone kept predicting would get shut down by the cops. While the LAPD and the Fire Marshall did both inspect the proceedings, this little weezer shindig got a clean bill of health from West Hollywood on both accounts, and the rock did happen. The crowd consisted of 100 message boarders, 200 KROQ winners, and about 200 people who waited in line at the Whiskey (reports differ as to whether they were allowed to wait in line before 6 PM or not- apparently they waited in the back parking lot so as to not upset the West Hollywood constabulary.) At one point the Whiskey announced that they were out of tickets, to the consternation of over 100 people who were waiting a long time. While some gave up and left, about 70 people were eventually let in just in time for weezer's set! The collective crowd's voice singing out during "The Good Life" was deafening! The energy was at a fever pitch for the whole show. The presence of the hardest core of hardcore fans was definitely felt! The band got back in the club groove after 6 months in arenas, and adapted to the cozy quarters pretty well, as well as the rented gear (all their usual guitars, etc, were enoute to Japan as they played). Interesting jambs were breaking out all over, including the extended outro of the encore, "Say it Ain't So". Post show, fans were encouraged to head up the street to Tower Records, where just like last year, they held a midnight sale for the new album. Buyers of the cd got a special bonus of an extra Maladroit booklet, signed by the band!

...midnight sales were also happening all over the country, as everyuthing from Wal-Marts to Towers put out stacks of Maladroits for weez fans up past their bedtimes (sorta like me as I write this!). In some cases, fans have had to dig thru the new boxes of stuff at Wal-Mart, as confused workers look on, muttering things like "but I havent unpacked that stuff yet...". Also several other countries have released the album now, such as Italy. By the 19th it will be out everywhere!

...the first buncha fan reports that came in:

  • "...Oh My God! That was the greatest Weezer show (or should I say goat punishment show) that I have ever been to! The almighty weez rocked the house down with 17 of their greatest songs and bomb ass cover of "happy together" Rooney was good but failed to get the crowd excited, and AM Radio livened the crowd up before Weezer came out. I would have to say that that was definitely a great reason to skip school and spend 13 hours in a line in the alleyway of a parking lot in the 90 degree heat. Rock On!!! =w=" ---Alex P
  • "...Oh my dear goodness, dude! I waited for so long to see Weezer, and I was totally NOT disappointed. It was so awesome meeting soo many dot-commers, I met the friends I have been talking to on the web, and so on. It was sp hot all day, and it got to the point where we were all sharing gallons of water! What was really awesome though, was how I went up and down the lines, getting to know as many people as I can.. and right when I got to the beginning again, PAT drives up, just to say "hi" He took some pictures, which I must send you, and I actually got to tell him that he's one of the reasons why drumming has become my passion. It was so cool being able to shake his hand and tell him that! Furthermore, the people were really nice, security tried their best at keeping us there, and I made some really aweosme memories. One of the coolest thingy though, has got to be when one of the even guards agreed to place my .commer ID tag right next to Rivers' guitar stand! I had to leave just short of when the show was over, but I sure hope he saw it. It was a tag that was made by Wynd, I believe, and it had my name and all that. The opening bands were kickin as well, at the end of the Rooney set, I asked the guy for his pick, and he threw it at me.. UNFORTUNATELY, some rude guy grabbed it off the floor and said too bad. Oh well, Rivers and my tag.. dude! AM Radio kicked major ass, the lead singer was SOO friendly, and talked and shook our hands. I was so close up there, I could smell the guy. We also complimented each other on our ties. It's about a quarter past midnight, but I wanted to have one of the first reviews in. This Goat Punishment show is one I will never forget. Even more so, I was joking around with my friend James about how it would be cool if the =w= sign magically became the =GP= sign.. and low and behold, when they took the American Flag down.. =GP=!!! I called my best friend on the phone and got all these people to yell out "goat, goagoat, goat!!" It was magic. I am truly gtreatful to the Weez, the other bands, all of the crew, and most importantly, all of the WEEZER FANS! It is something I will never forget." ---=michelle=, Hollywood, CA; gEEkLuvzRivers on the message board.
  • "...Was a 10 hour wait for weezer show worth the wait??? HELL YES!!! ...waiting in the scorching heat getting sunburn, worrying about the whole parking problems, dealing with people that are trying to cut in front of you, etc... I was so fortunate to get tickets while some were totally cut off and wasnt able to get any. I have never seen Weezer rock so hard in my life. They looked like they were enjoying themselves and the weezer crowd has gotten a bit too aggresive that i couldnt stay in the pit for long or else i would have gotten trampled over. It seems to me after this show that weezer is not only bringing back music but bringing back pure ROCK music. The set list was the best set list ever. I cant say it enough how awesome this experience was for me. At this rate I think weezer is ready to conquer the world. i hope you guys have a safe trip to japan...you guys ROCK!!!" ---christine
  • "...Best day ever ? possibly. well maybe not the day but the night rocked!!!! i spent the day roasting in sun w/ about 120 other weezer fans hoping to get tickets.it was quite boring but definitely worth the wait when we finally found out about ten hrs later that we got in!! the show was great. rooney came on first . they were really good, reminded me a liitle of pavement and oasis. am radio was also really good. lots of energy. i wanted to hop around and dance but i was reserving all the energy i had for the weez. the crowd went bananas when the =gp= logo was revealed. weezer finally took the stage around 10:30 or so and they were sooooooo awesome.the guys all rocked so hard it was great! rivers said lots of goofy things , the best was "i wanna give a shout out to all my special friends...connsider yourselves shouted out". he also flipped off the crowd and evryone was happy to do the same back to him. the place was so small that no matter where you were you could get a good view of the band. good times were had by all. i have to say this was probably the best time i've ever had a a show.the 10 hr wait, the horrible sun burn, it was all worth it. would i do it again ? in a heartbeat! for any other band? never!" ---Rochelle Anne
  • "...*WOW* What else can I say but 'wow'? The show at the Whisky totally rocked, Rooney, AM Radio and Weezer put on one hell of a show! It was a small place but we all came together as fans and experienced one of the greatest things that RARELY happens, a great-free Weezer show, they totally stole the show with their old and new songs which people already know...." ---Hugo, LA
  • "...I must say the show was amazing. We stood outside for like 5 hours (nothing compared to the girl I met who'd been there since 8am the previous day) and we were so happy because they just let us all in. Every last one of us, what a relief. Love the new material, guitars could've been a little louder at times but other than that........true bliss." ---Brian
  • "...I just want to say that I was extremely lucky to get in! My friend and I arrived there at 12:30 pm to line up for standby tickets and we barely made the cut close to 10 pm! I got to see the last act of A.M. Radio, and I loved their songs. They seemed like a cool bunch of guys with kick ass tunes. And finally there was weezer... what can I say? Of course they rocked out loud like they always do. I was so psyched to hear "Why Bother?" That really pumped the crowd up, and I loved their cover of "Happy Together." It was so memorable ending with my favorite weezer song of all time, "Say It Ain't So." After the show, my friend and I hurried over to Tower Records to purchase our autographed copy of Maladroit after 12 midnight. I can honestly say that this has got to be the best weezer show I have ever been too and the most memorable one at that. Rivers, Pat, Brian, and Scott-- you rock!!!" ---Toni-Lynne from Irvine, CA