Karl's Corner - 05/30/2002

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5/30/02 batteria

Karlscorner-2002recording.jpgRecording in Japan: day 3 (of 4)


...recording day 3; pix courtesy SK...

...speaking of Japan: 2 more summer tour dates have been confirmed, these being Summersonic '02 in Japan! This festival takes place on August 17 and 18, and features a pretty stellar line up. Here's how it looks:

The Outdoor Stage: Guns And Roses (Headliner), Weezer, No Doubt, the Offspring, NOFX, Sum 41, Andrew W.K., Disturbed, Hoobastank, Quarashi, A, Raging Speedhorn, Pleymo, Mongol800, and others.

The Indoor Stage: Morrissey (Headliner), Suede, Cornershop, the Hives, Haven, the Streets, Reindeer Section, Mum, Relish, Vex Red, and others.

The third stage, the "New Stage", includes Cave In, Ozma, Dog, Rival Schools, the Icarus Line, and Nananine.