Karl's Corner - 05/04/2002

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05/04/02 little chocolate doughnuts

...Dusty West Tour show #8: Iowa State Hilton Coliseum: Ames, Iowa

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...People from all over the midwest said they were coming into Ames to hit the Dusty West show closest to them, and from what I saw, they werent lying! I heard people say they were from Minnesota, Illinois, and even Indiana, and there was the feverish energy that comes from the confluence of a multi-state weez-hungry mob! This was helped along by an "all GA" show, where people werent restricted to any one area, so the 'mush pit' got particularly mushy. The General Admission status of the show was apparently a first for this arena, so they got paranoid and stepped up the security to a rather extreme degree. Pete Yorn had a prior commitment so he couldnt make this show, so AM Radio stepped up to a longer setlist and rocked it out well.

...the first 5 fan reports that came in:

  • "...I just got back from my second ever Weezer show tonight, and I must say, Weezer rocked Ames. The show was great and the band did not disappoint a single fan. The sound was as good a live sound as I have ever heard (and I went to Dave Matthews Band three days ago). Bringing out "So Happy Together" was also a great touch as not many were expecting it. The band is on a tour high, and I would love to follow them around to the rest of the tour, but alas, I have finals this week." ---Trevor H
  • "...a quick recap from a big fans point of view: Different setlist was good, no Jonas, but 3 more Pinkerton songs is always good...Dope Nose is a sweet opener, but I'm still used to Surf Wax as the closer. It will take some getting used to...Great show, I'll see you guys in Lincoln" ---Andy S
  • "...WOW! Weezer palyed in Ames tonight and did an amazing show! Am Radio did a good job setting us up for the super rock machine that is Weezer but it seems like all there songs sound the same. Pete Yorn as you know did not play this show, so we got right to our weez! First off Weezer razzled us with Dope Nose, i noticed a lot of people knew it and were really pleased with the new work. Most every one sang along to the new stuff and ESPECIALLY to the old. I have never heard a crowed get so into the music, they were really feeling it. I was on the floor and got to the concert 5 hrs early so as to make sure to be in the front, but it turns out all kinds of meat head idiots were in the front. I got pushed and shoved and passed out. Thanks to a couple of kids who drug me out and got me to come to. Also I think there should be a test you have to take to get in to a show cause there were a lot of morons there that didn't know the songs and just came because thats the Trendy thing to do. Like all the meat head a-holes that pushed ther way arround and keep the real fans in the middle where we could actually breathe. But after i got to a comfortable area and even before that show was amazing. I don't think Hilton, Ames, or even Iowa has been rocked like that ever..." ---Scott
  • "...Wow. All I have to say is that it's been about five or six years since the Weez decided to visit us children of the corn, and I'm glad to welcome them back with open arms. Only one complaint, though; you guys have terrible timing. :P You see, this is the final weekend before us Iowa State students take our semester exams. Hence, a few empty seats due to kids cramming. But the house was rocked so hard, nobody noticed. AM Radio was decent, and while their stuff didn't blow my mind, they played a great show. Mr. Ridel knows how to work a crowd. But Weezer was incredible. Save for what looked like a guitar issue Brian had early, the show was perfect. I could have sworn Rivers was a tad lost, as he kept on giving shoutouts to Madison, Detroit, Nashville and "Fargo, Minnesota." And as always, Only In Dreams was the true highpoint of the show. Even though I've seen it before, I still get chills when the confetti is released at the climax - for that moment, Weezer turned Hilton Coliseum into the world's biggest snowglobe. I could've used more songs in the encore, though - five minutes of feedback doesn't quite fill in for an actual song. All in all, though, the guys kicked major buttock, and I can't wait for y'all to come back." ---Tas
  • "...WOW!! Thats all I can really say. Tonights show was held at Hilton Coluseium in Ames, IA. The night held a special significance because this was the VERY FIRST G.A. show ever allowed at Hilton! The Security was super tight, requiring you to wear a wristband, AND show your ticket stub when you walked onto the floor. This wouldnt have been so bad, if they didnt make you do it at about 5 points on the way from the door to the floor. All Security and Venue issues aside, I was ready to enjoy the show of a lifetime. I have seen Weezer 3 times now this year, and this was by FAR the best. Coming into the night, I just had an awesome feeling. I was waiting for the show to start and just kind of sitting around, when I saw Scott walking up the side. I ran over and asked to just shake his hand, and told him how much I think he just rawks the bass up there. He was very interested, and very gracious. I was suprised at just how cool, and down to earth the guy really was. That says something right there....Well the floor was finally filling up, and AM Radio took the stage about 7:45. They were very good, kind of a glitzy pop, but they were good none the less. They played for about 35 minutes, and then the wait was on for Weezer! Finally the lights went out at 9:05 PM, and I see the guys take the stage!! The crowd was so pumped! They opened with Dope Nose, and I was very happy with the set list for the evening. I was almost taken to tears while they performed Only In Dreams. It was nothing less than amazing. Somewhere in the later part of the show someone threw something. Im assuming that they were trying to get it on stage, but they actually completely missed, and wacked Karl right in the back of the head! He looked like he was in alot of pain!! I couldnt help but laugh though! Ive met Karl once before at the =w= show in KC last fall. He is one hell of a cool guy as well and quite possibly the most dedicated Webmaster ever! [...thanks John! It did hurt a lot, but later it was funny, yes. --Karl] So heres to Karl , Dan and the guys and Weezer.com for throwin down and representin like a mofo. Thanks so much for keepin us all updated on the =w= news, and Karl- look out for flying objects from now on haha. Ames was a great success tonight! Weez came to rock, and rock they did!!!! Thanks so much for hitting Iowa this time around! Ill see you this summer on the Summer Tour how ever close to IA you get, Ill be there waiting to be amazed once more!" ---John