Karl's Corner - 05/27/2005

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05/27/05 You're talking about making a bigger one

...hey folks! click here to see the transcript from Mondays MSN Chat with weezer.

update: Ok, there are some chat transcript errors you should know about if you dont want to get confused. Pat and Scott's quotes are switched up several times. For the record, The Scott comments that refer to Shakespeare are actually Pat talking, as are the reference to the Green Strat guitar. Then it appears that Pat is talking about his "fiance", when in fact Pat has of course been married for 11 years, and thats actually Scott talking.

...and click here to see a new Artist Direct interview with Pat.

...I Met with the JONAS people at their HQ today, we talked about how its going with the JONAS army, how the tour went and what we can do in the coming weeks and months to keep the ball rolling. Thanks to all the members who have come up and introduced themselves at shows! Im hoping to meet some Euoprean JONAS members on the upcoming tour as well...(looking forward to seeing everyone of course!)