Karl's Corner - 06/15/2001

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6/15/01: Provinssirock!

Wow! Today's show was super rocking! Everyone in the band had a good show and loved the setlist, which had 5 of the brand new songs included. One of these, "High Up Above", had never been played in front of an audience before! The Finnish crowd went BANANAS, cheering, singing along, and generally freaking out with the best of them, even during the brand new songs! Everyone agreed it was a good show. I think it was inevitable, because after almost a week of travel, interviews and lip-syncing, everyone was bursting with energy, and this was a nice full setlist to stretch out in, at last!

This festival takes place out in this forest in the middle of nowhere, and there were all kinds of other stages, as well as tons of booths and tents and stuff to do. It was best described as "a hippie Renaissance festival, only with cell phones". Rivers wandered around in the crowd for a while and reported a "Bacchanalian" scene, complete with "lots of humping and vomiting". Well, when the sun doesnt set till 11:30 PM, I guess its time to party.