Karl's Corner - 06/28/2001

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6/28/01 Madrid

..One of today's interviews was with MTV, and this time the VJ was an apparently very popular tall transvestite! I'm not sure who that is, but the guys reported having a very interesting interview...

...the band really dug todays show. Pat reported giving it all he had and still having energy left over. Everyone said they had a lot of fun onstage tonight, and that the setlist was really enjoyable. The audience was super stoked, and after the encore engaged in a 10 minute long cheer that didnt stop until the security guys started making people leave! They seemed to really like all the different songs, including the brand new ones.

...many here in Madrid were suprised at the strong response the show got. All tickets were sold out over 2 weeks prior to showtime, which is particularly encouraging for the band considering their last show here was so long ago, and quite a small show at that!