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Karl's Corner - 06/24/2001

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6/24/01 Hurricane Festival

...after a long overnight drive back up to the north of Germany, we awoke on the bus to the sounds of drums echoing across open fields. Yes, another festival out in a field. The Hurricane festival is somehow linked to the Southside one, as they share most of the bands. Other bands playing included Ash, Iggy Pop, Wheatus, and Placebo. We finally got to catch up a bit with members of old ('96) US tourmates Ash and Placebo (see photo below), which was great after such a long time. Everyone seems to be doing really well.'s show seemed to have a bit more spark than yesterday's, though the crowds reaction was similarly amazing. Rivers seemed to be talking to the crowd more than usual, and the combo of the bright sun and random chilly breezes seemed to get everyone stoked. The early (4:20 PM) set time somehow invigorated everyone both onstage and off, which is just about opposite of what we expected. Cool! other news, Pat is utterly raging with the hackey-sack. I am often stunned at the moves he's been pulling off.