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Karl's Corner - 07/29/2001

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7/29/01 this n that

...in response to several questions, the maraca player on Leno was none other than our bass tech Bebee, whose breif description and photo is available in our "staff bios" section, under "info".

...in case you missed it, Mtv re-runs the "all access week" WHFS footage and maybe more late Monday night, technically Tuesday 7/31 at 12:30 AM EST

... for German fans: On Monday the 30th of July, there will be a one hour special about weezer on Viva 2 at 8 PM CET, and on the 18th of August there will be an Overdrive Special with weezer, which is a live show re-broadcasting, also on Viva 2 at 1 pm and 7 pm CET.

...L.A. area vinyl freaks: I was at Aron's Records in Hollywood on Saturday, and spotted over 10 copies of the Green Album on vinyl, all for only $10.99 each. This is the USA limited pressing on green wax. (Actually thats the only LP pressing there is!)

...Tomorrow, Rivers is going into a LA rehearsal studio to work on songs. He says he already has 16 brand new songs, and there are more to come. These 16 do not include any of the new songs that have been getting some exposure at recent shows nor any of the DC/BBC demos...these are so new, no one but Rivers has heard them yet! In a week's time, the rest of the band will join him and they will cut new demos of everything, getting a serious jump on the process of song selection for the 4th weezer album! There is no set time to make that album, but I've heard rumblings of doing it after the X-mas holidays...

...people have been waiting a long time for a "real" North American Tour for the Green Album, and planning is underway at last! The rest of the year looks to be divided up into one or more North American legs, as well as a return to Europe, and possible tours in other areas as well...As soon as we have dates they will be in the "Tour" section! For now, the only confirmed date on the roster is the August 25th KROQ Inland Empire show. Until that show, the band will be rehearsing and recording new demos...