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2010/09/05 Seattle, WA: Bumbershoot Festival

2010/09/05 Seattle, WA: Bumbershoot Festival

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Folks, the Big Bumbershoot show is here at last. We're playing after Hole on the main stage. Havent played with Hole since 1994 in NYC at the Academy and/or the z100 show at MSG. anyway, more to come...


Ok, Bumbershoot has been going on forever and is a great festival. Tons of great bands and other cool stuff, and its right downtown so you dont have to go out to East Juhunga and park on somebodys pasture to get there. The mais stage is wisely placed at the end of the Memorial Stadium, creating a cool canyonlike Roman Coliseum style vibe.

After checking out the resseurected Hole, who were pretty solid and entertaining with a twisted cover of "Jeremy" and a pleasantly wasted feeling version of Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Codine" (done a la The Litter's blues punk version from 1968), Weezer took the final slot of Day 2's Main Stage. It was an interesting blast from the bast to share the stage with Courtney, hearkening back to '94 -'95 when we shared several holiday radio shows with Hole right when they and Weezer were both all over what was then called "Modern Rock" radio. That was then, and this is now - it's been a long ride from the 90's and with every new album, weezer has added classic live songs to their setlist, which they tore thru tonight with what has become an expected high level of energy and attention to musical detail. Seattle caught the band at its peak, which was fitting as we now got to LA for 2 weeks for new album promotion, to return to the stage later in September. And conversely, it appears Weezer caught Seattle at its peak - the energy coming off the crowd was intense!

Huge ups to Lance Westgaard for the super custom flying W guitar used on "Hash Pipe" tonight. Lance hand crafted this totally unique and fine instrument and and gifted it to the band today!

Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards! Tell your tale!


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