Karl's Corner - 09/21/2010

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2010/09/21 Los Angeles: Dunes Inn: Axe Secret Show!

Folks, today is the day of the secret show. Soon the people who won tickets and such will be instructed where to go and when. Tonights show will have plenty of cool surprises in store, so many that its guaranteed to live up to the AXE "One Night Only" promise! Winners, I will see you there later today!


Days like today are all about extremes. AXE came in and dressed up what is normally a pretty beaten down motel into a really nicely done glitzy party zone, with world class sound and lighting, open bars, and party people everywhere. Its not the normal setting for a Weezer show, but like the Beverly Hills video, its fun to step outside the norm once in a while.

I couldn't help think of the show as an "event", because thats what the AXE people were going for - an exclusive unusual and special moment in time, starring the weez. I'd say the event was a pretty amazing success.

Weezer was on fire, giving it their all for the crowd and the cameras that were capturing everything (I hope we see some footage from the show soon - though I havent heard how thats supposed to work yet). Rivers pulled some classic stunts, including running out to the street while singing (stopping traffic and inspiring some fans who couldnt get in), as well as climbing the hotel courtyard walls like Spider-Man. He even inadvertently re-enacted the classic Star Wars "trash compactor" scene, jumping onto a fully laden dumpster in an attempt to get up on a wall, and finding himself sinking in the garbage! But in the end he made it out, just like Han Solo.

Joining the band onstage tonight at various points were some special guests. First, the band Kinky joined in on Undone, singing and playing guitar alongside the guys, then later Jorge (cover star "Hurley") Garcia came onstage to duet with Rivers on "Perfect Situation" and he really nailed it! Get that guy a recording contract! Then later, several members of My Chemical Romance came up to join in on "My Name Is Jonas", creating a total frenzy of multiple guitar, bass, and vocal madness! Thanks to everyone!

Big ups first of all to THE FANS, who endured a lot of waiting and confusion to get in tonight. And a heartfelt apology to all who waited and still couldnt get in, as the venue reached capacity and the Los Angeles Fire Marshall stepped in to forbid any more people entering the space. Its a real shame because visually, I could tell the area would have accommodated the additional people safely, but the event's permit apparently specified a certain number of people maximum, and we bumped up against that artificial legal limit a lot sooner than I ever expected.

Ups to the many YouTube Invasion partners who were on the scene, in thanks for their help putting together all those funny YouTube Weezer Invasion Week clips. MagicHugs/Chazz was having a blast, no matter what "Chazz" has to say about it later, heh heh!

If you went to the show, add your impressions to the comments here and/or start a thread on our forum!

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