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2010/09/14 Hollywood Tower Rooftop Patio: 98.7 FM Breakfast With Weezer

The band and contest winners arrived around 8:30 AM at 98.7's HQ, high atop the Hollywood Tower on Franklin Ave in LA. The Hollywood Tower is one of the beautiful 20s-30's era "castle like" old school high rises scattered throughout Hollywood, and the 98.7 offices up top are super stylish and cool. Cooler still is the outdoor rooftop penthouse deck, where the "Breakfast With Weezer" on-air interview and Q+A with the fans took place, hosted by DJ's Darren and Kennedy, who of course goes way back with the band, having first famously interviewed them in 1994 for Mtv's Alternative Nation show.

A fun time was had by all, with breakfast provided by Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, and beverages provided by Jarritos. Mmmmm. After the interview and questions from the audience, the band took group photos with all the winners before everyone parted ways and melted into the Hollywood sun. Personally, I went down to Amoeba and picked up a good luck copy of 'Hurley'.

Re-live the event on 98.7.com here, [Note 1] theyve got a series of videos posted up, taken while it was happening.

Find more photos like this on Weezer [Note 2]


  1. Link has been removed on Weezerpedia because it is no longer available. (Original link: http://www.987fm.com/pages/newpenthouse/index.php)
  2. Link has been removed on Weezerpedia because it is no longer available. (Original link: http://weezer.com/photo/photo)