Karl's Corner - 09/09/2008

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09/09/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 1: Nagoya

09/09/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 1: Nagoya

...Folks, we've now got a whole new online store, full of all new merchandise, and its up now! Take a look!

...Meanwhile, the Troublemaker Tour (as I like to call it, because a ruckus is being raised on multi-levels) has officially kicked off tonight at Nagoya's Aichi Kinro Kaikan theater. Results: Big Rock - and a learning experience as well. Its been a long time since weezer has played any full-on rock shows, and no one really knew how rehearsals would translate to a live show. Like on all tours, the first show was loud and fun, but also we have learned a lot right from the get go, and now its time to go over the playbook and batten down the hatches. Thanks to the great Nagoya crowd, and many thanks to the brave Nagoya Hootenanners who came in with very little notice and did their best to do something thats virtually unheard of in Japan - interact with the band!

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