Karl's Corner - 09/12/2008

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09/12/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 3: Tokyo Club Zepp

09/12/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 3: Tokyo Club Zepp

After a day off which involved a flight from Fukuoka to Tokyo (which we were on when the earthquake hit Northern Japan, so we didn't know it had happened till we landed), and a lot of walking around Shibuya marvelling at the sheer quantity of people, stores, sounds, lights, and vehicles (enhanced with a Mos Burger visit, naturally), today was the 1st of 2 Tokyo shows. The show is at the biggest of all Club Zepps. Zepp Club are fun to do - the staff is really pro and the venue just feels right for rock - and sounds awesome. More venues should be run like these places.

Man, people were packed into the Zepp - some serious steam in the air, and super high energy all around. Things are really sounding and looking better every night. Tonights Hootenanny was the best yet as well. The band and crew are working very hard to whip the show into shape, and the many suggestions and opinions of the fans are being listened to and taken seriously. It's a little tricky making major adjustments on the fly, but Weezer is a band who can buckle down and reanoint, call an audible. Dont let them play football.

Here are some pictures from tonights wicked rock show (click on a picture to see it bigger):