Karl's Corner - 11/11/2001

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11/11/01 high decibels, passin thru a residential district

...well, In case youve been napping, we've got a new Mp3 for you , direct from the 3rd show at the Viper Room on 11/8! Check out the "Audio Video" section for "My Weakness" (338) !

...today was a fairly quiet day of packing up for tomorrow's travel up to Portland to start the Extended Midget Tour. To answer some questions, It does indeed look like this tour will be a "Portland to Portland" affair, that is, we dont expect to add more dates in 2001 after the Portland, Maine show. The plan is to return to LA in mid December and get back to work on the current crop of recordings, working into January 2002 with a break for the holdiays in the middle. What will happen to these new recordings once theyre finished? Good question. I'm not exactly sure at this point...

...songs stuck in our heads these days: "Limelight" by Rush, "Little Green Apples" by the Temptations, and anything off "Electric Warrior" by T.Rex.